About us

The Doddridge Centre is a busy welcoming resource centre providing a wide range of facilities and support to community and voluntary groups and enterprises. Many successful organisations started out or have been based at the Doddridge Centre and have flourished with our help and support. Opening hours are 9.00am to 9.30pm Monday to Friday, weekend opening by arrangement.

Approximately 30 groups are based in our building and a further 40 meet here for a range of activities including lunch clubs and conferences. The Centre was adapted from a 19th century church hall annexed to the Doddridge Memorial United Reformed Church (DMURC). The main church building was demolished in 1998 but DMURC still meets for weekly worship at the centre. We also run the St James Community Centre which is based at 144 St James Road, Northampton.


Company No: 5830381. Registered Charity No: 1118283