Offices/Spaces for Hire

Notice to all Charities, Non – Profits, Community Groups and Ethical Business

We have a limited number of offices/rooms that often become available to groups/individuals for occupation on a long or short term basis (subject to terms and conditions).

Whether its for co-working, hot desking or a quiet place to work away from the hustle and bustle of home, maybe its a one-to-one room for interviews or counselling, we probably have something that may suit your requirements. 

They can be hired on a per session basis, such as per hour, day/half day basis, or longer by special agreement.

Call or e-mail us for rates and information about these rooms/offices and availablity.

Remember, all of our income gets re-invested in the charity to support other groups and the local communties. We have no shareholders, so every penny goes to good causes. 

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