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Doddridge Community Centre

The History of Doddridge Community Centre

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Doddridge Community Centre

Our History

The Doddridge Centre is a busy, welcoming resource centre providing a wide range of facilities and support to community and voluntary groups and enterprises. Many successful organisations started out or have been based at the Doddridge Centre and have flourished with our help and support. Opening hours are 8.00 am to 9.30 pm Monday to Friday, weekend opening by arrangement.

Many and varied groups are based in, or use, our building – they meet here for a range of activities including lunch clubs and conferences. Our location, in the heart of St James, makes it easy for people to get to, we are located opposite the world famous Church’s shoe factory, and former Corporation Tram Depot.

Doddridge Community Centre

The Centre was adapted from a 19th-century church hall and Sunday school rooms annexed to the Doddridge Memorial United Reformed Church (DMURC). The main church building was demolished in 1998. We started life in 1995 as Doddridge Community Care, later becoming Doddridge Centre Ltd in 2009 and have been the resource for the community since.


The COVID pandemic was not kind to us and devasted our income and operations but we are recovering and weathering that storm to continue where we left off – supporting other charitable organisations, community groups, ethical enterprises and our residents in the local community.

We also manage the St James Community Centre which is based at 144b St James Road, Northampton NN5 5LQ.

Our Trustees and Our Team

Graham Croucher


Shankar Meembat


Julie Letts


Rachel Bott

Centre Director

Ian Whippey



Board Meeting

Paula McMahon

Centre Coordinator

Natasha Faulkner

Assistant Centre Coordinator

Stefan Day




Tracey Webster